Our Purpose

... for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12)

Mission Statement
We exist to reach hopeless and broken Russian-speaking people with the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ.

RCR (Russian Christian Radio, Inc.) is a Christian evangelical ministry, whose purpose is to reach "millions of Russians for Christ" by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ primarily among Russian-speaking people throughout the world, through the media ministries of radio, print and internet, as well as through Christian care ministries and humanitarian assistance, as evidenced in our rehab centers.

Thousands of Christians in Russia (only the Lord knows the exact number) found saving faith in Christ thanks to the radio ministry of Earl Poysti, who began broadcasting (in Russian) in 1946. Shortly thereafter, during the years of the “Iron Curtain,” Earl began broadcasting the simple, clear Gospel message into the Soviet Union. Today, you can find a variety of Russian Christian Radio’s programs (in Russian only) in our web archive on RCR’s Russian website, www.rcr.ru. The archives include programs of Earl’s sermons, as well as testimonies in the series called “Choice,” which tell how former gang members, drug addicts, thieves, and prostitutes came to faith in Jesus Christ.

Through God’s guidance, RCR began to publish a magazine known as The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire in 1995. There is no other magazine like this anywhere in Russia and possibly the world! It is distributed free of charge throughout Russia and to other countries of the former Soviet Union.

About the same time, RCR was also called to impact lives through locally-operated Christian rehabilitation and adaptation centers in Russia, known as Pirkko Homes or “Dom Pirkko,” which were named for Earl Poysti’s first wife, Pirkko, who passed away in 1994. She was instrumental in helping many Russian prisoners to find faith in Jesus Christ and wanted to provide a place for them to go to grow in their faith and to learn a new way to live.

RCR is not a denominational ministry. We are open to working with brothers and sisters in Christ who come from various backgrounds and denominations who share our mission of reaching hopeless and broken Russian-speaking people with the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ. We hope you will contact us to offer your suggestions or recommendations and tell us about your testimony and ministry.

Browse through our website to see just how God is at work and to consider how you could become involved and join this effort to win "millions of Russians for Christ."

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