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RCR (Russian Christian Radio) has been broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ in since 1946. As technology has changed over time, RCR has adapted the way of distributing radio programs. Broadcasts of RCR’s programming can be heard over various outlets in Russia and the neighboring countries: the FM station Radio MCC in Vladikavkaz, Russia, the AM station Theos in Moscow, the AM station Family Radio in Tartuu, Estonia, as well as some small local radio stations in Russia. Programs are also heard via satellite on the radio channel New Life Radio and on the internet on the Russian website,

Programming also recorded on discs and along with small bundles of our prison magazine we send them to the many prison ministers who we partner with. They take magazines with programs into prisons all over the former Soviet Union.

Programming includes the sermons of Earl Poysti, founder of RCR, as well as recorded testimonies (radio program “Choice”) and programs with topics for those ministering to people with addictions. There are 721 sermons available for streaming & downloading and we currently work on adding over 200 more sermons, which will be uploaded to the archive in the near future.

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Russian Christian Radio
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(770) 864-6464 (English)
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