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"Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter." Proverbs 24:11 (ESV)

The head of our Pirkko Home ministry, Dmitry Gusev, has chosen this Bible verse to explain the purpose of this ministry to those with addictions, which reaches out to rescue many who live in ways that lead to death - not only spiritually, but also physically.

RCR (Russian Christian Radio), together with local churches and other Christian missions in Russia, has organized a network of Christian rehabilitation centers, known as "Pirkko Homes" or Help Houses or Liberation Centers. They are named in honor of Pirkko, the deceased first wife of RCR's founder, Earl Poysti, who had a heart for prisoners. When she passed away in 1994, the donations given in her memory were used to purchase a property to be used as our first Pirkko Home (in the far north republic of Komi). The Pirkko Homes were first founded to help former prisoners in Russia adapt to life outside of prison and prepare for a successful return to normal life. Over time, the Pirkko Homes have come to focus more on helping drug addicts and alcoholics, many of whom have served prison time, to be freed from their addictions through faith in Jesus Christ.

In 2001, RCR opened a Pirkko Home in the countryside just outside Moscow. This center in Rumyantsevo, Moscow region, was specifically for people with addictions and became the base for developing our rehab ministry. It now serves as the training school for new leaders to minister in our Pirkko Home centers. Each of the Pirkko Home leaders is a graduate of our Pirkko Home program who wants to help others succeed. Since 2001, new rehab centers were opened in the six regions where we currently minister, and today the network has centers in 8 locations. These homes are located in rural areas away from the temptations of city life, and usually house 6-12 residents at a time.

The first task for the development of our rehab center ministry was a good program for rehabilitation. Based on Biblical principles, our program helps suffering people deal with spiritual issues and become free from physical addictions and desires to consume drugs and alcohol. The goal for each resident is a complete transformation, which involves a renovation of both heart and mind, as well as any physical help needed. The program includes:

Please pray and partner with RCR's ministry as we seek to expand this area of ministry and extend the opportunity to those who are trapped in drug and alcohol addictions.

In Russian, more info, articles, and photos are available at and there is also a YouTube channel - search for "Pirkko House - Liberation."

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