Tom Siewert

Board Chairman

Tom has been a supporter of RCR for over 20 years. Since his retirement as a welding researcher, he has taken a larger role with RCR, and was elected as the Chairman of the Board in 2016. His ancestors lived in Russia for many years, and he had an opportunity to visit the Moscow office and a Pirkko home on a trip in 2015. He sees RCR as a particularly effective and efficient organization for bringing God’s Good News to Russians.

Henry Garmon

Board Member

Henry is retired from the banking and financial industry and has an MBA with interests in Finance, Marketing and Real Estate. Henry has served on the board for the Salvation Army, Georgia State University and Fulton Federal Saving Bank and joined the RCR Board in 2012. He has been active in Christian outreach for many years, and has participated in several short term mission trips to Central Asia and Russia, including a trip to the RCR Pirkko Homes in Kimry and Nikulino.

Susan Shull

Board Secretary/Treasurer, and RCR Accountant

Sue joined RCR as the accountant in 1994, after previously working in CPA firms. She became acquainted with the Poysti family and RCR through her church in Estes Park, CO. She has also served as treasurer on RCR’s Board of Directors since 2005. In 2014, she and her husband were able to go to Russia and see the ministry there for the first time.

Sergei Matveyuk

Board Member

Sergei is originally from Belarus. He has lived in the United States for over 25 years and considers this country his home. He is married and has 3 children. Sergei’s connection with RCR goes way back to 1990, when he personally met with Earl Poysti in Estes Park, CO. He worked with Russian Christian Radio for over 13 years, having various responsibilities. RCR is grateful to have Sergei now serving on the Board of Directors.

Victor Saharchuk

Board Member, Vice-Chairman

Victor was born into a Christian family in the Republic of Belarus. He remembers gathering around the radio with his parents and grandparents to listen to Brother Earl Poysti’s sermons during the atheistic Soviet regime. He came to the U.S. in 1989. Victor has been blessed with a wonderful wife and 7 boys. He is very happy to help this ministry, knowing that at the same time he can be a part of reaching many, many hearts that are in need of salvation.

Natalia (Natasha) Poysti

(wife of the late Earl Poysti, founder of RCR)

Natasha is a Russian from Kazakhstan. She has been working with RCR since 1995, when she married Earl Poysti and moved to Estes Park, CO. She joined the Board of Directors in 2007. She helped Earl in his ministry for a number of years, and now helps with translation from English to Russian, edits Earl’s sermons for use in the prison magazine and elsewhere, keeps in close contact with the Moscow office, and does some administrative work. Natasha is very thankful for this ministry which God has given her.

Lynn Doty

Board Member

Lynn is a successful real estate broker in Atlanta and was introduced to Russian ministry when she met a young Russian lady who spoke at her (then) church in Florida. Lynn felt compelled to go to the Caucasus region of Russia where she and others have been a part of leadership training to young college students. She has subsequently travelled to Russia 11 times while serving in this ministry. Lynn was instrumental in the introduction of this type of training, which is now a part of RCR’s rehab center leadership training.

Alexey Tuchin

Board Member, Executive Officer

Alexey joined the staff of RCR in 2013. He is a Russian, born in Kazakhstan, who has lived in the U.S. since 2004, and has a heart for missions and the Russian people. He is married to a wonderful young woman named Olga, and they have one daughter. He has traveled to Russia many times and has assisted with mission trips to the Pirkko Homes, serving also as a translator for these trips.

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