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July, 01 2021

INVITATION: August 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the first RCR radio broadcast! We invite all of you to the celebration on Sunday, August 15th at 6:00 pm, it will be a special service dedicated to the memory and ministry of Earl Poysti. His son John Poysti will be speaking. We will meet at:
Word of Grace Bible Church, 1317 NW 12th Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604

Pirkko Home “Liberation” Ministry - Dmitry Gusev: At the end of May, our annual camp retreat of the Pirkko Home Liberation Centers & graduates took place, organized jointly with the Dom Slova center from St. Petersburg, with guests from other centers in Belarus and 13 regions of Russia. 

RCR Recording Studio Ministry - Our ministry continues to reach Russian speakers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ – first with radio & now with video! Ayur Vanzhilov: Dear friends, just read these comments on our programs. An enormous work of God is taking place in the hearts of thousands of viewers. Thank you for your support and prayers for the ministry of the RCR Studio.

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine Ministry - Eduard Zavedeev: Correspondence between convicts is prohibited in Russia. Often The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine is the only opportunity for prisoners to have communication with others. When publishing letters from convicts in our magazine, we include their addresses, and the Lord gives the prisoners the opportunity to correspond with believers at large through us. 

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ФРОНТЛАЙН- Mолитвенное письмо, ПРИГЛАШЕНИЕ -07.21

June, 30 2021

ПРИГЛАШЕНИЕ: В августе 2021 г. исполняется 75 лет служению Русского Христианского Радио! Приглашаем вас на праздничное собрание в воскресение 15 августа в 18:00, посвященное памяти и служению Я.Н. Пейсти, с участием его сына Джона Пейсти, по адресу:
Word of Grace Bible Church, 1317 NW 12th Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604

Служение «Дом Пиркко - Освобождение» - Дмитрий Гусев: В конце мая прошел очередной слет центров «Дом Пиркко», организованный совместно с центром «Дом Слова» из Санкт Петербурга, с гостями из других центров Белоруссии и 13 регионов России.

Студия РХР -Служение РХР продолжает благовестие Евангелия также, как было по радио, так сегодня по видео. Аюр Ванжилов: Дорогие друзья, просто прочтите эти отзывы на наши программы. Огромная работа Бога в сердцах тысяч зрителей. Благодарим за вашу поддержку и участие в служении студии РХР.

Журнал «Евангелие за колючей проволокой» - Эдуард Заведеев: В России запрещена переписка между осужденными. В таких условиях журнал «Евангелие за колючей проволокой» - единственная возможность общения. Публикуя в нашем журнале письма осужденных, мы указываем их адреса, и Господь дает им возможность переписываться с верующими на свободе. 

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FRONTLINE- Prayer Letter 06.2021

June, 02 2021

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine Ministry - Prisoners still eagerly await our magazine and people constantly request new subscriptions. However, recently some prisons in Russia have not delivered our magazines. Please pray about that.

RCR Recording Studio Ministry - Thank you again for supporting the ministry of the RCR Studio  Recently, we have had these guests in our studio: a pastor from the south of Russia; a woman who lost her husband due to the coronavirus; prison officers who have received our magazines for over 15 years; and ministers from the Moscow region. Different guests with one thing in common - Jesus Christ. 

Pirkko Home “Liberation” Ministry - Plavsk Pirkko Home: The leaders are discouraged because two people left the alcohol recovery program... The finishing of the second floor will begin in June. Nikulino Pirkko Home: We are still waiting for a buyer for the main house at Nikulino, but the ministers are moving forward with finding a new location and are looking at a possible building in the town of Udomlya (U-dome-lee-a).

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