Frontline is our monthly prayer bulletin.

Fronline Prayer Letter, 01/2024

January, 31 2024

'Pirkko Home - Liberation' Ministry, Ilya Ignatov, Dyatkovo Pirkko Home: In our center today there are 5 men in the rehab program. 3 have already turned to Jesus Christ; pray with us for the other two. Winter means there is usually no work, hence also a lack of funds. But at such times, God’s love and care for us through His Church are especially visible.

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (GBBW) Magazine, Eduard Zavedeyev: Last December, we received from the printer the 6th issue of the magazine for 2023 with the theme “Earth and Heaven” and the long-awaited collection of sermons by Earl Poysti: "The Misconception of Christ." The prisoners really look forward to Earl Poysti’s sermons and hope that the magazine will never stop coming.

RCR Recording Studio Ministry, Ayur Vanzhilov: Last year was an inspiration for all of us - the channel’s audience has multiplied several times, praise God! All this took a lot of effort and working without days off.

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ФРОНТЛАЙН- Mолитвенное письмо

January, 31 2024

Служение «Дом Пиркко - Освобождение» г. Дятьково Брянская обл., Илья Игнатов: В нашем центре сегодня находятся 5 мужчин. Зимой, как обычно, недостаток в средствах, но в такое время особенно видна Божья любовь и Его забота о нас через Свою Церковь.

Журнал «Евангелие за колючей проволокой» - Эдуард Заведеев: В декабре мы получили из типографии шестой выпуск журнала за 2023 год с темой «Земля и небо» и долгожданный сборник проповедей Я.Н. Пейсти «Ошибочное мнение о Христе». Журналы и проповеди очень ждут заключенные и переживают, чтобы выпуск журнала не остановился.

Студия РХР - Аюр Ванжилов: Прошлый год стал для всех нас вдохновением – аудитория канала выросла в несколько раз, слава Богу! Все это стоило больших усилий и непрерывной работы...

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Fronline Prayer Letter, 11/2023

October, 31 2023

Pirkko Home Liberation Centers, Oleg Murashev (Kokino): Today we have 8 people for drug & alcohol rehabilitation at our center. A big event and encouragement to us was the recent baptism of a graduate who completed the rehabilitation course at our center. Please pray for the health of me and my wife Oksana.

RCR Recording Studio Ministry, Ayur Vanzhilov: Praise God! In October there was huge interest in the videos from RCR’s Studio! In just the past month, our YouTube channel has gained 7.5 million views and acquired 16,000 new subscribers, bringing the total number of subscribers to over 100,000. Recently, the 365th episode of the “Choice” program was released.

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (GBBW) Magazine Ministry, Eduard Zavedeyev: We realize that without God’s help and your prayers, we would not be able to publish and distribute the magazines in a timely manner. Praise God, we are now working on the last issue of the magazine for 2023 (No. 6) with the theme “Earth and Heaven.” Please pray for us as we prepare this issue.

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