We invite you to pray with us for the ministry of RCR - for our staff, our rehab ministry, our prison magazine ministry, and our radio ministry. Below are some of our ongoing prayer requests, We also offer more detailed prayer requests each month in our Frontline Prayer Letters.

Please pray for the people involved in RCR's ministry:
- staff in RCR's Moscow office: Alexander, Nadezhda, Eduard, Ernest & Irina.
- radio ministry staff: Natasha and Sasha.
- our Pirkko Home rehab ministry leaders/mentors: Overall coordinator, Dmitry, and Nodari in Rumyantsevo, Artem in Ruchiyok, Igor in Nikulino, Vitaliy in Kimry, Andrei in Orel, Aleksey in Zheleznogorsk, Peter in Lgov, Andrei in Rylsk, Andrei in Dyatkovo, and Oleg in Kokino.
- prison ministers who take our magazines into the prisons across the countries of the former Soviet Union, in Germany and in the US.
- our US staff: Ray, Alexey, Natasha, & Sue.

Please pray for our Pirkko Home-Liberation rehab ministry:
- that the Lord would work in the life of each resident in each Pirkko Home.
- that the leaders/mentors would be encouraged in their work and continue to grow in spiritual maturity.
- that each Pirkko Home and its partnering church would have a good relationship, whereby the church members would be able to mentor and help with practical needs at the Pirkko Homes and the residents would join in the church's ministries.
- that garduates of the program would be able to join a church and continue to grow in their Christian faith, and be strong against temptations.

Please pray for our Prison Magazine ministry:
- that the Lord would use The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine to challenge the thinking of those who read it today; that the truths they read may draw them to God; and that the editors would write and include just the right materials by God's leading.
- that the Holy Spirit would convict prisoners of their sins and lead them to repentance.
- that prisoners who have become Christians would grow in their faith and find Christian fellowship, within their prisons and/or via the magazine.
- that our network of prison ministers would grow, so we have someone visiting every prison in Russia to distribute our magazines and minister directly to the prisoners there.

Please pray for our Radio ministry:
- that RCR's radio programming would touch and change the lives of people who hear the programs over the radio, online, or by mp3 CD, and that the programs would be played in many prisons.
- for more people willing to share their testimonies on our radio program called "Choice." Pray for the financial needs to carry out these ministries.

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