We invite you to pray with us for the ministry of RCR - for our staff, our RCR Studio ministry, our prison magazine ministry, and our rehab ministry. Below are some of our ongoing prayer requests, We also offer more detailed prayer requests each month in our Frontline Prayer Letters.

RCR Prayer requests:
- Pray for financial provision for our ministries in Russia. It is difficult now due to the war and sanctions. We are trusting God to provide unusual situations that can keep rubles in Russia and dollars in the US, but will benefit our ministry partners there.
- Pray for our US office: Alexey Tuchin, Natasha Poysti (Russian department) and Sue Shull (business manager and accountant) as well as for our RCR Board.
- Pray for our Moscow office: Alexander Zakharov (Exec. Director), Nadezhda (accountant), our magazine staff: Eduard (editor & correspondence director), Irina (editor), Ernest (graphic designer), and Ayur (graphic design assistant); our studio staff: Natalia, Denis & Vladimir (program hosts), Sasha (sound engineer), and Ayur (video editor), plus other part time assistants.
- prison ministers who take our magazines into the prisons across the countries of the former Soviet Union, in Germany and in the US.
- Also pray for Dima Gusev and his assistant Nodari, as they lead the Pirkko Home "Liberation ministry."

RCR Studio & Video Ministry in Russia:
- Pray that RCR's programs would touch and change the lives of people who watch or hear our programs online. Pray that the programs will encourage believers and draw in unbelievers. Only 2% of Russian people are Protestant believers.
- that the leaders/mentors would be encouraged in their work and continue to grow in spiritual maturity.
- Pray for the new video "shorts" on our YouTube channel, which are drawing a lot of attention, and for all our other programs: such as the "Choice" program, which shares testimonies of God's work in people's lives, our family-related programs, and other programs that answer questions that new believers have.
- that garduates of the program would be able to join a church and continue to grow in their Christian faith, and be strong against temptations.
- Pray for our programs on Yandex Music, where people can hear audio versions of our programs, as well as listen to the sermons by Earl Poysti. This is a growing area of ministry.

Christian Magazine for Russian-speaking Prisoners:
- Pray that the Lord will use The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine to challenge the thinking of those who will read it today. May the truth that they need to hear point them to God. May the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of those who read it, leading many to repentance. May the testimonies they read show them Jesus' love and that their lives can change, too - through Jesus Christ.
- Pray that Christian prisoners who receive the magazine will be encouraged and will grow in their faith.
- Pray for over 600 prison ministers across Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic countries, and in Central Asia who take or send The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine into prisons. Pray that we will be able to continue to grow this network so we will be able to reach all the prisons in Russia. We are currently reaching over 75% of the prisons. Praise the Lord that magazines are passed around in prisons so many people are reached with each copy.
- Pray for the magazines & spiritual correspondence sent into prisons to answer prisoners' questions, and pray that prison administrations in Russia will allow more prison ministers to hold meetings in prisons.
- Pray that people will see our magazine listed in the Russian Post mail order catalog, & many will subscribe to The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine, so more lives can be touched by the Gospel.

Recovery & Liberation from Addictions - our Pirkko Home Ministry in Russia::
- Pray for those undergoing the program in our Pirkko Home "Liberation Centers" for men (and for women when the need arises - we have one location that can accept women, too), that they would find new life in Jesus and be freed from their addictions.
- Pray that the Pirkko Home leaders / mentors would be encouraged in their work and continue to grow in spiritual maturity, and would be given wisdom to deal with day-to-day issues and know how to encourage the weak and the fallen.
- Pray that each Pirkko Home and its partnering church would have a good relationship, whereby the church members would mentor and help with practical needs at the Pirkko Homes and the residents would join in the life of the local church and its ministries.
- Pray that graduates of the program (both liberation, then adaptation) would be able to restore relationships with their families, be able to join a church and continue to grow in their Christian faith, find jobs and be strong against temptations.
- Pray for new leaders and assistants and for additional support for some Pirkko Home staff.
- Pray for Pastor Dima Gusev's church plant in Solnechnogorsk (Sol-NEECH-na-gorsk), Russia - an outreach in that city and a church that welcomes former alcoholics and drug addicts, and supports them in staying "clean." This church also serves as an administrative center for RCR's Pirkko Homes, an "adaptation center," and a "post-adaptation center" that helps graduates of the program to find work and plug into a church.

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