Brothers and sisters, there are so many men and women who have come to the Lord and rid themselves of the burdens of sin while residing in our Pirkko Homes. Many find re-entry to society difficult because their past lives of drug and alcohol abuse prevented them from learning the skills you and I might have in order to provide for our families. It is our sincere belief that, with proper job training, these young men and women can provide for themselves and their families, and help support their churches by having good jobs. Surely we cannot do this without the help of Christian men and women committed to sharing their experiences and expertise. Imagine for a moment, a team of people from your church going to a very nice training center just outside Moscow where you will meet, fellowship, worship, and train people how to provide for their families.

YOUR life experience providing for YOUR family can become YOUR ministry.

Rumyantsevo “Pirkko Home” Visit

May, 01 2016

“While enduring difficult trials at Nikulino, the Lord has not left us without mercy, having sent our way some Christian brothers from the state of Colorado. 

    Arriving April 16th, they helped in building the ‘banya’ (Russian steam bath) for the rehabilitants at Rumyantsevo, and also spent one day helping with work at the new church in Solnechnogorsk. The three young men from America had a past similar to ours; some, in their past, having lived their lives without God and abusing alcohol and drugs; all three grew up without fathers. We understood each other on an emotional level, even though we didn’t share the same language.
    Every evening our guests shared their testimonies and we all had joyful fellowship. Everyone was delighted despite the hard work. We didn’t want to part, and some of them, strangely, even wanted to stay! We are most grateful for their visit and support. – Dima Gusev

October '15 trip, Plans for April 2016

November, 05 2015

In October there was another team from the US that came to help with the Pirkko Home ministry in Russia. 

A group of nine people from Georgia, Washington, and Colorado came together with one goal of having fellowship and sharing faith with believers in Russia. 
Pastor Doug Baker was excited about this trip and finding out how his church could participate in it:

"My purpose in visiting was to connect with one of the Pirkko Homes and explore the possibility of our church in Colorado becoming more involved with that home. God made it clear to me that, as a church that desires to be involved in a ministry that is changing lives, we had found just such a ministry. As our church plans our next trip to Russia (in the second half of April, 2016), I look forward to the work that God will do in Russia as well as in the hearts of our congregation because of the relationship we are developing with a Pirkko Home near Moscow.”

The presence of guests is always encouraging, and it’s a joyful time for the rehab centers. It’s often a time when deep feelings are shared, or someone seeks counsel and advice. 

October 2014, Trip to rehab center in Nikulino

October, 22 2014

By God’s mercy, the desire we expressed earlier this year for starting vocational training was fulfilled! 

The first session of vocational training for Liberation Pirkko Home graduates took place in October, 2014, at the Nikulino rehab center, giving a start to what we believe can be a new step in the adaptation of our men and women residents to a normal and productive life.

Christian brothers from five different churches (in Georgia, Colorado and Washington) performed professional training in three areas: woodworking (cabinetry), tile installation, and auto body work. We are still looking for people who would be willing to step up and teach the art of plumbing installation. Each area has a huge potential for both trainers who teach, and trainees who learn useful knowledge and skills. 

We invite every experienced professional, in these and other vocations, to come along side and make a real difference in the lives of people, both men and women. God gives people a second chance in life, and He does it through people like you; some help show how to overcome addictions and some help teach how to work and earn a living! 

This is a God given opportunity for believers to use their job skills in a way that gives those people a second chance!

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