Prison Magazine - The Gospel Behind
Barbed Wire

RCR has developed the magazine, The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire, specifically to evangelize and minister to prisoners, and it has become one of our most impacting ministries! This unique magazine not only provides help from God’s Word addressing concrete problems and topics important to inmates, but it also incorporates material written and sent to us by prisoners themselves. Each edition of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire is dedicated to a special spiritual theme and includes a variety of articles, sermons, poems and testimonies which lead the reader to God, and has a section for readers’ letters, where they can share personal stories, counsel and support for one another. This is very encouraging to other prisoners who have responded by thinking, “If the Lord could help him, He could also help me.”

By God’s grace and with His help, these magazines are distributed free of charge to prisons and prisoners. We are now publishing 7500 copies of each issue, 6 times a year (based on donations received). Since copies of the magazine are shared and passed around inside prisons, they reach tens of thousands of inmates each year.

Starting in 2014, RCR is including mp3 discs of radio programs recorded in our studio along with the packages of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazines we normally send to our network of nearly 600 prison ministers all across Russia, Ukraine and countries of the former Soviet Union. These people then deliver them to inmates in the prisons where they minister, and they become available in a prayer room or library for anyone to read. Now prisoners will also be able to listen to sermons and testimonies, as well. Rehabilitation centers and churches that provide social services in Russia also use these magazines in their ministries. Since this ministry began in 1995, it has extended to Germany and even to the United States. The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire is available (in Russian) for anyone to download and read on our Russian website. We know of no other Christian ministry that designs and publishes magazines specifically for Russian prisoners.

We regularly receive requests from prisoners and those involved in prison ministry asking for extra copies of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine. You can make that happen with a generous gift of $30 which will help sponsor the publication and distribution of one year (6 issues) of this magazine. You can read here what inmates write in glowing terms as to how God works His power in their lives through this publication! To partner with RCR to touch numerous lives through this periodical, click here to make your $30 donation now and please indicate that it is for “prison magazine.”

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