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We receive many letters in RCR's Moscow Office in response to our prison magazine, The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire. Most are from prisoners and prison ministers, and sometimes they are from others who have come across our unique magazine. Some are looking for answers to their deepest questions, some share their stories of turning to God, or how the magazine has been a help to them. We would like to share some of these letters with you.

Prison Magazine: "The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire"

With the Lord’s blessing and your faithful support, RCR continues spreading the Gospel through the magazine, The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire. The magazine is printed bi-monthly (in Russian) and each issue has a topic or theme, and includes a sermon on the chosen topic, as well as other articles, poems, stories, testimonies and letters - many of which are written by prisoners and sent to us.

For quite a few years now, we have also produced an annual "magazine supplement," an extra issue, usually filled with sermons by Earl Poysti.  His sermons are often requested, since he was able to explain the Gospel and God's Word in a way that many can understand clearly.  The first supplement included prisoner testimonies, poems and stories, Other supplements include 13-15 sermons, "Salvation -A Gift or By Works?",  a set of two "handbooks" on "Discipleship" (often used as a Bible course), and the 2023 supplement: "The Misconception of Christ." 

A prison minister wrote this concerning the latest supplement:  "I received your package with collections of sermons by Earl Poysti, entitled "The Misconception of Christ." In this magazine supplement, he examines and refutes some common misconceptions about Christ, revealing deeper truths. The uniqueness of Earl Poysti’s sermons lies in his clear and understandable manner of conveying complex concepts. He is able to inspire listeners and readers and convey to them deep spiritual truths. His words are filled with love, and he skillfully combines various Bible passages to create a complete picture of Christ and His salvation. All 13 sermons in the supplement are distinguished by their relevance and fresh approach to the topic of salvation, although they were written and delivered many years ago. Earl connects Bible stories and sermons with our real world, making them easily understandable and applicable to our daily lives. Thank you very much again for this priceless gift.” - Vladimir G.

As our faith and desire to help are encouraged by the letters received from prisons, we would like to encourage you too, by sharing just a few of these letter excerpts with you: 

Baptism in prisons

Maxim Nasennikov, Krasnodar region, Dvubratsky:
"We wish to share with you a great joy; for the first time in four years there was a baptism service in our colony!  For a long period of time the brothers were praying for the baptism, in order to testify to the world that they had devoted their lives to serving Christ. And on November 13, 2013, the Lord answered the prayers of those who love Him, through His ministers - brothers from Kurganinsk, Temryuk, and Krasnodar - who visited our colony. They organized a worship service with music, which filled our hearts with praise to the Lord. On this day, the Church of Christ increased by three revived souls!"
Victor Gogin, Ukraine, Khmelnitsky region., Izyaslav city, life sentenced in ZIK-58:
"Thank you for the two magazines of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire that I have received from you. I am 65 years old and a prisoner for life. I've been a Christian since 2006, but I have not been baptized. Who from the ministers of God can help me? Please respond."

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