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Frontline Prayer Letter, 11/2023

November, 01 2023

Pirkko Home Liberation Centers, Oleg Murashev (Kokino): Today we have 8 people for drug & alcohol rehabilitation at our center. A big event and encouragement to us was the recent baptism of a graduate who completed the rehabilitation course at our center. Please pray for the health of me and my wife Oksana.

RCR Recording Studio Ministry, Ayur Vanzhilov: Praise God! In October there was huge interest in the videos from RCR’s Studio! In just the past month, our YouTube channel has gained 7.5 million views and acquired 16,000 new subscribers, bringing the total number of subscribers to over 100,000. Recently, the 365th episode of the “Choice” program was released.

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (GBBW) Magazine Ministry, Eduard Zavedeyev: We realize that without God’s help and your prayers, we would not be able to publish and distribute the magazines in a timely manner. Praise God, we are now working on the last issue of the magazine for 2023 (No. 6) with the theme “Earth and Heaven.” Please pray for us as we prepare this issue.

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ФРОНТЛАЙН- Mолитвенное письмо

November, 01 2023

Служение «Дом Пиркко - Освобождение», Олег Мурашев (Кокино): Сегодня в нашем центре на реабилитации находятся 8 человек. Большим событием и ободрением стало крещение выпускника, прошедшего курс в нашем центре. Пожалуйста, молитесь за мое здоровье и также моей жены.

Студия РХР, Аюр Ванжилов: Слава Богу! Огромный интерес к видео от Студии РХР в октябре! Всего лишь за один прошедший месяц наш YouTube-канал набрал 7,5 млн просмотров, и приобрел 16000 новых подписчиков, а общее число подписчиков перевалило за 100 000. Недавно вышел 365-й выпуск передачи «Выбор».

Журнал «Евангелие за колючей проволокой», Эдуард Заведеев: Без Божьей помощи и ваших молитв мы бы не смогли вовремя издавать и рассылать журналы «Евангелие за колючей проволокой». Слава Богу, сейчас мы работаем над изданием выпуска журнала № 6 в 2023 году с темой «Земля и небо». Молитесь о мудрости в подборе материалов.

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Frontline Prayer Letter, October 2023

October, 01 2023

RCR Recording Studio Ministry, Ayur Vanzhilov: This past August, we released 16 videos on our YouTube channel, including 13 testimonies! These videos have already received more than 530,000 views! Please pray for this huge Russian-speaking audience, that God will touch the hearts of all of them, especially unbelievers.

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (GBBW) Magazine Ministry. Thank God for the opportunity to convey the Gospel through personal correspondence with convicts and send them our magazines and Bibles. Please pray that we can find more ways to transfer funds to the Moscow office that comply with the sanctions against Russia. 

Pirkko Home Liberation Centers, Dima Gusev: In our church in Solnechnogorsk is a mother who has served more than one prison term in the past, but God found her, and now she is a good sister in Christ (and a grandmother!). She has been praying for her three children for five years. And now we see God working! Her son Yura came to our center and he began his new path. Very encouraging, praise the Lord!

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