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Frontline - Prayer Newsletter

April, 01 2022

The sanctions have frozen our usual method of transferring funds to our co-workers in Russia. 
While we continue to search for alternatives, the spiritual and humanitarian needs of the refugees are enormous and immediate. After the RCR Board held an emergency meeting, establishing a new project to help the Ukrainian refugees, we have moved forward and have sent our first donations to assist them. 

Moldova - We are partnering with the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Balti, Moldova. This city isn’t far from the Ukraine border, and has seen a high influx of refugees over the past weeks. 
Eastern Poland - We are also partnering with Evelina Smane, currently serving Ukraine refugees on the Poland/Ukraine border.

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ФРОНТЛАЙН- Mолитвенное письмо

March, 30 2022

Санкции остановили наш обычный способ перечисления средств на служение в Россию.
Пока мы продолжаем искать альтернативные пути, духовные и гуманитарные потребности беженцев неотложны. Совет РХР решил направить помощь украинским беженцам. Первая часть средств уже была отправлена

Молдова - Мы сотрудничаем с баптистской церковью «Эммануил» в Бельцах, туда стекается большой приток беженцев. 
Польша - Мы также сотрудничаем с миссионеркой Эвелиной Смане, которая в настоящее время трудится среди украинских беженцев в Кракове и на польскоукраинской границе. 

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Frontline - Prayer Newsletter, 2/2022

February, 02 2022

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine Ministry
Thank you for your financial support, without your help it’s impossible to publish our magazine. Please pray for all who receive it and read it! The prison ministry of Vyacheslav Kozlov continues in the Komi Republic.

RCR Recording Studio Ministry
Thank you for your support of the studio. Our ministry is the legacy of Earl Poysti - the work of evangelism does not stop! The last four CHOICE programs with guests from Sochi scored 115,000 views! 

Pirkko Home Liberation Center Ministry
Kokino: “We thank God for His mercy to us, and your involvement in the lives of people who were perishing, but are now alive! 
Dyatkovo Pirkko Home: “Thank you for providing funds for these supplies, as well as bed linens, pillows, and towels. Praise the Lord!”
Rumyantsevo Center: “Several people are completing our rehabilitation program. ‘The Lord rescues those being led away to death’.

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