Frontline is our monthly prayer bulletin.

FRONTLINE- Prayer Letter 06.2021

June, 02 2021

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine Ministry - Prisoners still eagerly await our magazine and people constantly request new subscriptions. However, recently some prisons in Russia have not delivered our magazines. Please pray about that.

RCR Recording Studio Ministry - Thank you again for supporting the ministry of the RCR Studio  Recently, we have had these guests in our studio: a pastor from the south of Russia; a woman who lost her husband due to the coronavirus; prison officers who have received our magazines for over 15 years; and ministers from the Moscow region. Different guests with one thing in common - Jesus Christ. 

Pirkko Home “Liberation” Ministry - Plavsk Pirkko Home: The leaders are discouraged because two people left the alcohol recovery program... The finishing of the second floor will begin in June. Nikulino Pirkko Home: We are still waiting for a buyer for the main house at Nikulino, but the ministers are moving forward with finding a new location and are looking at a possible building in the town of Udomlya (U-dome-lee-a).

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ФРОНТЛАЙН- Mолитвенное письмо - 06.21

June, 01 2021

Журнал «Евангелие за колючей проволокой» - По-прежнему наш журнал очень ждут в колониях и тюрьмах, мы постоянно получаем на него новые заявки. Но некоторые тюрьмы стали не пропускать наши журналы. Пожалуйста, молитесь об этом.

Студия РХР - Еще раз благодарим вас за поддержку служения Студии РХР! За последнее время гостями нашей студии были разные люди: пастора; женщина, потерявшая мужа из-за коронавируса; тюремные служители, получающие наши журналы больше 15 лет и другие. Разные гости и судьбы, но одно общее – Иисус Христос.

Служение «Дом Пиркко - Освобождение» - Центр Плавск- переживание для служителей, два человека оставили программу... В июне начнется отделка второго этажа. Центр Никулино: Мы еще ожидаем покупателя на главный дом, но братья уже определились с новым местом для переноса служения - это город Удомля.

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FRONTLINE- Prayer letter, 05.21

May, 01 2021

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Ps. 119:105

RCR Recording Studio Ministry - “This is a real miracle! In a short period of time, the necessary amount has been donated
to buy new video cameras for the RCR Studio! We sincerely thank you for your support
The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine Ministry - In April the second issue of the magazine for this year (# 156) was published with the theme:
 “But the Greatest of These is Love.” It was sent out just before Easter in Russia (May 2).
Pirkko Home “Liberation Ministry”- Dmitry Gusev: During our 20-year ministry to drug addicts and alcoholics, God has performed many miracles,
changing the fate of people. Some of our graduates are now ordained pastors or deacons (elders) of churches. 

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