Frontline is our monthly prayer bulletin.

Frontline Prayer Letter, 02/2024

April, 02 2024

RCR Recording Studio Ministry, Ayur Vanzhilov: In March, six guests took part in the “Choice” program, including 2 pastors from Germany. These will be wonderful testimonies! If you understand Russian, follow our YouTube channel “RCR-videos.”

Pirkko Home Liberation Center Ministry, Nodari Mangasarov: Today there are 9 people in the program here. We hasten to share our joy; each of them has repented before the Lord and is focused on spiritual life. 

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (GBBW) Magazine Ministry, Eduard Zavedeyev: The next magazine has the theme “Choice” - The cover shows a phone call coming from Jesus, and the choice to accept or decline His call. Some prisons/prisoners have difficulty obtaining our magazines. Pray that the magazines will reach the recipients.

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ФРОНТЛАЙН- Mолитвенное письмо

April, 01 2024

Видео Студия РХР, Аюр Ванжилов: В марте программу «Выбор» посетили 6 гостей, в том числе два пастора из Германии, и поделились замечательными свидетельствами, скоро они появятся на канале YouTube RCR-videos.

Служение «Дом Пиркко – Освобождение», Нодарий Мангасаров: Сегодня у нас программе находится 9 человек. Радостно, что каждый из них покаялся пред Господом и нацелен на духовную жизнь. 

Журнал «Евангелие за колючей проволокой», Эдуард Заведеев: журнал №2.2024 с темой «Выбор» - на обложке: звонок от Иисуса, что выберешь ты, примешь или отклонишь? В некоторых колониях есть трудности с получением наших журналов. Просьба молиться о том, чтобы этот выпуск достиг всех получателей журнала.

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Frontline Prayer Letter, 02/2024

February, 01 2024

'Pirkko Home - Liberation' Ministry, Ilya Ignatov, Dyatkovo Pirkko Home: In our center today there are 5 men in the rehab program. 3 have already turned to Jesus Christ; pray with us for the other two. Winter means there is usually no work, hence also a lack of funds. But at such times, God’s love and care for us through His Church are especially visible.

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (GBBW) Magazine, Eduard Zavedeyev: Last December, we received from the printer the 6th issue of the magazine for 2023 with the theme “Earth and Heaven” and the long-awaited collection of sermons by Earl Poysti: "The Misconception of Christ." The prisoners really look forward to Earl Poysti’s sermons and hope that the magazine will never stop coming.

RCR Recording Studio Ministry, Ayur Vanzhilov: Last year was an inspiration for all of us - the channel’s audience has multiplied several times, praise God! All this took a lot of effort and working without days off.

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