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Reporter No. 3 2018

September, 02 2018

“Liberation” Pirkko Homes  –  Changed  Lives. Blessings of a New Life in Christ.

The Lord not only restored Andrey's broken life but also created a wonderful Christian family!

August 8th editorial board finalized 140th issue of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (No.4, 2018) with the topic of “Conscience.” 
Letters from prisoners who found Christ. Update from prison ministry in Komi and Novosibirsk
Testimony of Nodari  Mangasarov  -  God enriched me with everything I needed!

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Reporter No.3 2018 -Russian Version

September, 01 2018

Служение РХР сегодня: 
«Дом Пиркко - Освобождение» - Благословения новой жизни во Христе
- 140-й выпуск «Евангелия за колючей проволокой» (№ 4, 2018), тема «Совесть»
- Письма заключенных, которые нашли Христа
- Новости о тюремном служении в Коми и Новосибирске
- Свидетельство Нодари Мангасарова - Бог обогатил меня всем необходимым!

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Reporter No. 2 2018

June, 01 2018

RCR’s Magazine, The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire, and Prison Ministry in Novosibirsk - 

“... God’s Word is not chained.” (2 Tim. 2:9) 

Letter from a prisoner, Alexander Otto-: "Only because of this, I’m now saved and it helps me live each day."
Natalia Chernyakova – “Choice” - RCR’s Program of Testimonies
Updates from the Pirkko Home Rehab Ministry
ALEXANDER GOCHWEISS: Life and Ministry in Abundance

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Reporter No. 1 2018

March, 05 2018

RCR’s Ministry Today- We’ve been blessed in many areas of our ministry recently- New video programs; Plans to publish a book of prisoners’ stories, poems, and testimonies; 

The Rehab Centers are becoming more self-supporting and the ministry is booming with weddings this year!
Introducing the Rumyantsevo Pirkko Home

Testimony of Ravil Davidov - “God Will Help You Learn How to Live a New Life”.
Meet the RCR Studio Staff in Moscow- Videographer & Video Editor Ayur Vanzhilov; Sound Engineer Alexander Kalmykov.

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