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Reporter No.1 2020 -Russian Version

March, 01 2020

- Вместе с вами мы несли Благую весть через журнал людям за решеткой, a их только в России около 524 тысяч.
- В студии мы выпустили 156 видеопрограмм; аудитория канала выросла свыше 340 тыс. человек!
- Служение «Дом Пиркко - Освобождение» продолжает оказывать помощь в центрах, включая новый возле г.Плавск, (Тульская область), и в общей сложности приняло 247 человек.
- так же у нас есть нужда...

Духовное наследие - отец Ярла Николаевича, Николай Иванович Пейсти «… для меня жизнь - это Христос, а смерть - приобретение» (Фил. 1:21).

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Reporter No.4 2019

December, 02 2019

RCR Studio- sharing testimonies on our 'Choice' program. 

Ministry of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine:
'After many long prayers, we were able to begin visiting two more prisons in our Novosibirsk administration area...'

Prisoners Are Seeking and Finding the Lord!
'I’m from Kazakhstan, and I am serving a life sentence. I am 36 years old, and have already spent about twenty years behind these walls..."

'Pirkko Home - Liberation' ministry updates 
Igor Markov Testimony- "I know, God is faithful" 

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Reporter No.3 2019

September, 02 2019

25th Anniversary of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine!

We are very grateful to the Lord for His blessings and we also thank you, all of our friends, who prayerfully and financially support this ministry!
- At the end of this year, we again plan to publish an illustrated magazine supplement; this time it will include sermons of Earl Poysti

Correspondence Bible School for Prisoners (CBSP)
The need for CBSP became apparent after a ban was imposed on holding religious meetings...

New Pirkko Home near Plavsk (Tula Region)
Peter Pitsurenko Testimony: The Joy of Serving the Lord!

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Reporter No.2 2019

June, 02 2019

Wide Distribution of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine!
In addition to Russia, it is regularly sent to 14 other countries. 1,462 recipients receive it regularly, 83.5% (1,224) of these recipients are in Russia. 

RCR Studio Ministry: recently, a message came from a prisoner with a life sentence in Kyrgyzstan.
Prison Ministry - RCR Correspondence Centers

News from the Orel Pirkko Home
Van Needed for the Pirkko Home Ministry – Matching Gift Offered! 
Sergey Bogatyr testimony: God has prepared something special for me!

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