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Reporter No.1 2019

March, 03 2019

RCR Ministry: "Count Your Blessings, Name Them 1 by 1"

Prison Magazine – 45,000 magazines printed in 2018
90% of prisons in Russia received our magazine; 1,512 letters were answered personally

Pirkko Homes - 10 locations; 3 of them have a women’s home, 14 leaders ministered at the centers with 20 assistants
332 people turned for help, 59 successfully completed our program

RCR Studio - 136 video programs recorded with 48 guests 
7200 DVDs recorded and distributed; recording studio- remodeled 1st time in 22 years

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Reporter No.1 2019 -Russian Version

March, 01 2019

Служение РХР: милости Господни вспоминай, считай

За год мы издали 45000 журналов; 90% тюрем России, куда попадает наш журнал; получили 1512 писем и ответили на каждое лично

«Дом Пиркко» - 10 центров, 3 имеют женские дома, 332 человека обратились за помощью, 59 человек успешно завершили программу 

Студия РХР - записали 136 видеопрограмм, 48 гостей посетили нас для записи, записали и выслали 7200 DVD-дисков

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Reporter No. 4 2018

December, 02 2018

RCR Ministry: “Rescuing Those Being Led Away to Death”

RCR’s ministries include an audio and video recording studio, The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine, and the “Liberation” Pirkko Home rehab centers for those struggling with addictions. We realize that we have but a short time to work in God’s field and we need to use it wisely.

A special 80-page supplemental edition entitled “Repentance That Leads to Life” has been published

Introducing the Dyatkovo “Liberation” Pirkko Homes, Bryansk Region
TANYA ZARIPOVA: God taught me not to be alone, to smile, and to love people

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Reporter No. 3 2018

September, 02 2018

“Liberation” Pirkko Homes  –  Changed  Lives. Blessings of a New Life in Christ.

The Lord not only restored Andrey's broken life but also created a wonderful Christian family!

August 8th editorial board finalized 140th issue of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (No.4, 2018) with the topic of “Conscience.” 
Letters from prisoners who found Christ. Update from prison ministry in Komi and Novosibirsk
Testimony of Nodari  Mangasarov  -  God enriched me with everything I needed!

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