Frontline is our monthly prayer bulletin.

Frontline No9 2016

September, 01 2016

The Importance of Spiritual Nourishment in the Ministry of RCR "... Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matt. 4:4) 
Summer is nearly over, and a lot of work has been done.  As you know, much has been accomplished at the Pirkko Home rehabilitation centers in Nikulino after the fire… and at the rest of the Pirkko Homes as well.  Much effort has also been made toward finishing the church building in Solnechnogorsk.  God has sent people to record testimonies for the program, "Choice,” even though it’s usually not so easy to find people in the summer. 

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Frontline No8 2016

August, 01 2016

Sowing and Reaping in RCR’s Ministry “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat,  and summer and winter, and day and night s hall not cease.”  (Gen. 8:22 - NASB) 
"Pirkko Home" Ministry news   Dima Gusev ("Pirkko Homes" ministry coordinator) gives these updates: Our summer camp for rehabilitation centers, which took place in the Tver region in July, went well.  About 250 people attended.  We were pleased that graduates of the rehab centers also came.  Speakers were invited who covered the topic of leadership, based on the book of 2nd Chronicles and the example of the kings. 
The new church plant at Solnechnogorsk started independent services - it is exciting and scary at the same time, but we are pressing on. 
Nikulino - The Markov family welcomed their newborn daughter, Kristina
Ruchiyok – Right now Artem and Oksana Panin are doing fine physically, as well as spiritually. (Artem had lung cancer.) 

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Frontline No7 2016

July, 01 2016

“Making the Most of Every Opportunity, Because the Days are Evil” (Eph.5:16)

New Law Regarding “Evangelism” in Russia - Please pray for RCR’s ministry work in Russia following the passage of a new law regarding public security and “Combating Terrorism".

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine update and News from the "Pirkko Homes"

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