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Reporter No 1 2014

March, 01 2014

Is the Lord Opening a New Door? - When Brother Earl Poysti’s ministry entered Russia in 1991 there was no thought of prison ministry
Radio Ministry to Assist Prison Ministers - Russian Christian Radio continues broadcasting simple saving truths that don’t lose their relevance in our high-tech age
“I was in prison and you came to me” - Letters from Prison
Oleg Murashev – “Only God Could Help Me”

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Reporter No 4 2013

December, 01 2013

“That Which We Have Seen With Our Eyes” - In this issue of “Reporter” you will see some of the first of what we believe to be remarkable photos; before and after photos of those who have come to our Pirkko Home rehab centers.
Active Life and Ministry in the Dyatkovo Pirkko Homes - Our men’s Pirkko Home rehabilitation center in the city of Dyatkovo, Bryansk region, was opened three years ago.
Demand for RCR’s Prison Magazine is on the Rise - Currently, there are 1,194 regular subscribers to the magazine, The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire (not counting subscribers in the US).
RCR’s Radio Programming Reaches Out to Those Seeking God - Over the past six months, many interesting guests visited RCR’s Moscow studio and participated in our radio ministry by recording their testimonies for the “Choice” radio program.
Artem Panin – Director of Ruchiyok Adaptation Center

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Reporter No3 2013

September, 01 2013

Testimony of Dmitry Gusev – Pirkko Home Ministry Coordinator
Next Issue of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire - “I have made a covenant with my chosen ...” (Psalm 88:4)
Sharing God’s Blessings - Every month, amid the daily hustle and bustle of our lives, God moves the hearts of many people to share their
blessings with people in need through RCR
Testimony of Evgenia Yurkina - “God Protected Me & Kept Me For Himself”

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Reporter No2 2013

June, 01 2013

Homes Built on Love - Over the past few years small groups of men and women from America have been blessed with the
opportunity to go and work side by side with Russian men and women at the rehab centers we call “Pirkko
RCR Board of Directors - In March of this year, the new RCR Board of Directors met in Marietta, Georgia.
The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire - RCR’s Prison Magazine
Letter in a Bottle - In 1946, our founder, Earl Poysti, and his father began broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ via short-wave radio into the Soviet
Testimony of Vyacheslav Kozlov - Director of the Pirkko Home in Emva, Russia

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