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Reporter No2 2013

June, 01 2013

Homes Built on Love - Over the past few years small groups of men and women from America have been blessed with the
opportunity to go and work side by side with Russian men and women at the rehab centers we call “Pirkko
RCR Board of Directors - In March of this year, the new RCR Board of Directors met in Marietta, Georgia.
The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire - RCR’s Prison Magazine
Letter in a Bottle - In 1946, our founder, Earl Poysti, and his father began broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ via short-wave radio into the Soviet
Testimony of Vyacheslav Kozlov - Director of the Pirkko Home in Emva, Russia

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Reporter #1 2013

March, 01 2013

Alexey Tuchin RCR's New Representative - Learn a little bit about RCR's newest Representative.

Alexey Bylichkin: “Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Your name” - Alexey shares his testimony and what the magazine “The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire” means to him.

Rumyantsevo Adaptation Center at Ruchiyok Camp On the Path to Spiritual Growth - Men who have completed rehabilitation in one of our “Pirkko Homes” can come here for the next step, where they learn to manage earned money, free time, and responsibilities.

Radio Ministry: The Problem of Broadcasting in Small Russian Cities – Learn about the problems of getting Gods word out to small Russian cities.

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Reporter No 3 2012

December, 01 2012

Message of Hope Found in Celebrate Recovery Program - In September, 2012, a group of nine Americans from Fellowship Bible Church in Arkansas conducted a two day “Celebrate Recovery” conference in Dedovsk, Russia
Steps of Faith - I love the book of Joshua. It is filled with challenge and faith and assurance of the Lord’s hand in all we do in service to Him
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability RCR - RCR is pleased to announce our acceptance and inclusion in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).
The Amazing Power of Christmas - Impulsiveness, instability, the impossibility of finding correct orientations in life – these are the distinctive signs of our present times.
Earl Poysti’s Book of Sermons - We are glad to offer a new book by Earl Poysti, our mission’s founder: “Life in Sermons.”
Ekaterina Frolkova: - “It’s Never Too Late to Start Life Anew!”

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Reporter No 2 2012

September, 01 2012

From Farming To Rehabilitation: A New Pirkko Home Harvests Souls for Christ
Updates from Pirkko Homes Across Russia - Leaders in the Lgov Center, located in the Kursk region west of Moscow, have been praying for many months to open an adaptation / re-entry center, which is the next stage after rehabilitation.
Testimony of Ilya Gavryushev - the Assistant Director of the Kimry Pirkko Home in Tver Region

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