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Reporter No 4 2014

December, 01 2014

Vocational Training Begins - By God’s mercy, the desire we expressed earlier this year for starting vocational training was fulfilled!
New Way to Listen to RCR Radio Online – Try the App
Leadership Training in Russia - In April of 2014, RCR introduced a leadership program called G.P.S. Life Journey (God’s Plan for Success) to the men and women directors of our Pirkko Home rehabilitation and adaptation centers.
The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire - Recent Issue’s topic: “GOD”
Dmitry Bolotin - I was at the very bottom
RCR’s Mission Statement

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Reorter No 3 2014

September, 01 2014

Kokino - New “Liberation” Pirkko Home Rehab Center - Read about the new rehabilitation center in the village of Kokino.

Freedom is the Topic Explored in the Next Issue of the Prison Magazine - This issue is devoted to the theme of “Freedom.”

Soul Cry from a Prisoner – Nikolai Fedotov talks about “The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire.

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Reporter No 2 2014

June, 01 2014

Pirkko Home Ministry in the Kursk Region - meet Aleksey Dudiken, who helped with the start-up of two of RCR’s Pirkko Homes
“Who Will Give Me Wings?” – An Invitation - In late April a group of nine team members, representing five churches, went to Russia in order to serve the needs of the Pirkko Home ministry.
From the Mail Bag:
Latest News from RCR’s Radio Ministry - We are glad to share some news from Russian Christian Radio’s recording studio.

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Reporter No 1 2014

March, 01 2014

Is the Lord Opening a New Door? - When Brother Earl Poysti’s ministry entered Russia in 1991 there was no thought of prison ministry
Radio Ministry to Assist Prison Ministers - Russian Christian Radio continues broadcasting simple saving truths that don’t lose their relevance in our high-tech age
“I was in prison and you came to me” - Letters from Prison
Oleg Murashev – “Only God Could Help Me”

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