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Reporter No 1 2012

April, 01 2012

Characterized by Faithfulness - Sergey Yakimenkov faced many daunting tasks in his more than 20 years of ministry in Russia and was faithful to his calling before the Lord.
New Leadership at RCR-Moscow - The Board of Directors of “Gospel Call” (also known as RCR-Moscow), met on January 18, 2012, in Moscow and appointed Alexander Zaharov to replace Sergey Yakimenkov, who had gone to be with the Lord a week earlier.
RCR Still Going Strong - With every challenge in ministry, we have more opportunities to faithfully serve the Lord.
Testimony of Alexei Selezen: “If the Lord could help him, He could also help me”

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Reporter No 4 2011

December, 01 2011

John Poysti: The Beginnings of RCR Ministry in Moscow
RCR: Twenty Years of Following Where God Leads Us
Sergey Yakimenkov: “The Lord Always Has Given Strength To Carry On This Ministry”
Letter from Soslan Karayev (Former prisoner, now involved in rehab and prison Ministry) From Vladikavkaz in the Russian Federation

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Reporter No3 2011

September, 01 2011

“Please do not rob me of the hope found in your magazine” - It is impossible to fully judge the impact that the ministry of the Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine has had in Russia over the last 17 years.
“I was in prison, and you came to me…” (Matthew 25:36)
Letters from Prisoners - A Lifetime Sentence Lived for Jesus Christ
He was with me even though I could not see Him - “Peace and grace to you from the Lord Jesus Christ!
The Lord touched me - “My name is Yury. The Lord touched me here in prison and I believed in the love of God and His mercy, given to all people, including me.

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Reporter No2 2011

June, 01 2011

Ordained to Serve God and Others - In his early twenties, Dimitry Gusev saw that his young life was already "slipping through his fingers like sand" when he was sentenced to prison for narcotics use.
Developing a New Generation of Leaders in Russia - I read a book recently by Joseph Bondarenko titled “Sentenced Three Times” which tells the story of his life.
Oleg Zhilyakov: “I am living fruit of your work”
Andrei Kuzmichev: Serving His Savior
Alexei Dudikin: Equipped to Serve Others

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