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People come to our Pirkko Home-Liberation rehab centers looking for and hoping for a change in their lives that will allow them to break out of their addictions. We believe that God is the only one who can truly change a life, can truly give a NEW life, to those who come to Him. The goal for each resident in each Pirkko Home is a complete transformation - a renovation of the heart, soul, body and mind.

Here you will read some of the stories of how God has changed lives!

Oleg Murashev- Only God Saved Me!

My name is Oleg, I'm 43 years old, born and raised in Moscow region, city of Volokolamsk. Father passed away early, he died when I was 3 years old and my mother raised me alone. I also have an older brother. Mom worked hard to provide for us, and I spent all the free time on the street, although in school I was a good student. Early learned to smoke, began drinking light alcoholic beverages, then vodka and soft drugs (marijuana). With peers it was not interesting and I was befriended with guys older than me. I was expelled from college for the appalling behavior, repeatedly was taken to the police. Do not know where it would lead, but by 18 I was taken to the army.

After the army returned home, I decided to get married in order to arrange life. In the early 90's the time was ‘fun’ and carefree, it was possible to become very rich in 5 minutes, to go to jail, or end up in the cemetery. I was somewhat lucky, ended up behind bars. Wife immediately filed for divorce, friends also disappeared somewhere.
Prison had its own life, there I have tried heavy drugs (poppy, heroin, methadone), quickly became addicted to them.
Prison became my home, where I felt good, I was understood there.
Going to freedom I felt like a stranger, not as my own. 

My friends had families, business, some already died. I was released again in 2000 and a month later my mother died. It was a tragedy for me, I thought that I can and know how to live, but left alone I realized that I can not and do not know anything. I started to drink heavily and drunk so much that in the minus 36C degrees below zero I slept the whole night! In the morning, when I was brought to the hospital, the doctors did not believe their eyes, they said that I should have been frozen. I was diagnosed with the amputation of both hands and feet. But the Lord performed a miracle! Subsequently I had amputated three fingers on the left hand and one finger on the right hand, my feet miraculously healed. After leaving the hospital I did not worry for a long time. Again I began to steal, cheat, rob. And again prison...

Before release, I was lost in thought about my worthless life, and saw no way out. The doctor came to me and said, "If you stop smoking, then will live for another three years" for 15 years I was ill with tuberculosis. I told him- better to live a year, but do not refuse myself anything. After release came to my hometown, again I began to use drugs, alcohol, did not want to work, and could not. Then one day I met a very interesting man, he did not turn away from me, not despised me, listened to me, understood. It was very interesting to talk to him, I told him almost everything about my life, he listened carefully and said, "Only God will help you." He suggested me to go to a rehabilitation center. I did not know what it is, was thinking- again a prison, but now voluntarily. But then thought: I'll go and take a look, always can go back, especially being just 40 km away from home. And I went.

From that moment a completely different life began. In rehab I realized why I was given a life on this earth, why God kept me all these years when I lived for myself. Why those problems and shocks occurred with me, my relatives, and dear people to me. Rehabilitation center helped me to get up, find the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of my life. In 5 years the Lord has blessed me so abundantly, what I have not seen in 38 years of my life without Him. 

The Lord gave me my wife Oksanochka, together we do the work at the rehabilitation center in Dyatkovo, Bryansk region. She does the work with women, I work with men. We met during our ministry in the Nikulino rehab center. In 2010 I was baptized and promised the Lord to serve Him with a good conscience, and to this day I do this for Him. 
Impossible for men is possible for God. Until the Lord gives the strength and desire, we have to do His will

Artem Panin, Director of Adaptation Center

My name is Artem, I’m 37 years old. I come from the small town of Zubtsov, in the Tver region. My parents were ordinary workers, my father worked as a machinist at a local factory and my mother as a secretary. Our family was quite well-off. In school I was heavily involved in sports. My mom gave me a bigger part of her life, her warmth and motherly love belonged only to me, and I wasn't going to share it with anyone. I grew up as a true egotist, and never accepted the word “no” from my parents. I led a lawless way of life, with endless fights, alcohol and recreational drugs. At that time it seemed to me that I was at the very peak of the iceberg and no better life was to be found.

After military service, I was easily hired to work for the bank’s security service, where we transported large amounts of money and earned good wages. I was confident in myself and was living in style. I met some people in the criminal world, and one day one of my friends asked me if I’d heard of heroin. “Yes,” I answered, and I didn't need much persuading to try it. After a while it became clear to me that I was hooked. Very soon my employer found out about my addiction and I was promptly “asked” to resign, and my friends did not want to be in touch with me any longer. My parents fought for my life and even saved me from an overdose. They tried everything, but all in vain. Everything was falling apart: my family, my goals and my health. Dozens of people were dying around me. After another dose, I too fell ill and realized that I was dying. 

On that September day, for the first time in 33 years, I turned to God and asked Him to save me, to deliver me from the bondage of drugs and to give me a new life. I was surprised when I woke up alive the next morning, but then my mind turned once again to drugs, and that was all I could think about. Out of nowhere, I got a call from some strangers and they invited me to meet with them. When I arrived, I met cheerful people who told me that they used to have the same problem as me. They told me about Christ, and I learned about the “Pirkko Home” rehab center in Dyatkovo. The very next day I went there, where I seriously was made to think for the first time in many years about common sense. 

After reading the Gospel and seeing lives changed by God, I prayed a prayer of repentance. In 2011 I was baptized, and in 2012, so was my mother, who also came to believe in our God. For three years now I have served in this ministry, helping the addicted. I am now leading the men’s adaptation center ministry at “Ruchiyok” (“The Brook”) Christian Camp & Retreat Center. Jesus gave me a priceless treasure that I could not even dream of. 

Glory to Christ!  

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