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RCR Ministry 2018


Dmitry Gusev– Rehab Ministry Coordinator

Our God is an amazing God who works extraordinary miracles in the lives of ordinary people. 
Dima Gusev is one of those examples, whose life is a living testimony of God’s miraculous restoration of that which had been hopelessly and mercilessly destroyed.
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Prison Magazine Ministry

With the Lord’s blessing and your faithful support, RCR's Prison Ministry continues spreading the Gospel through the magazine, The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire.

Considering the need in prisons, we would like to be able to increase the number of magazines we can print; our last increase was in 2017, from 6500 to 7500 copies of each issue, printing 6 issues per year. Praise God! Since it is funded 100% by freewill donations, we can only increase the number of copies as God provides. We believe that God will provide and fulfill the needs of His ministry, and our faith is based on multiple blessings and miracles we have seen.

As our faith and desire to help is encouraged by the letters received from prisons, below are just a few inspirational excerpts out of hundreds of letters we receive: 

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Reporter No.4 2019

RCR Studio- sharing testimonies on our 'Choice' program. 

Ministry of The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine:
'After many long prayers, we were able to begin visiting two more prisons in our Novosibirsk administration area...'

Prisoners Are Seeking and Finding the Lord!
'I’m from Kazakhstan, and I am serving a life sentence. I am 36 years old, and have already spent about twenty years behind these walls..."

'Pirkko Home - Liberation' ministry updates 
Igor Markov Testimony- "I know, God is faithful" 

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FRONTLINE- 02.2020 - Behold, I will do a new thing

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Magazine #01.20 with the theme “New” - Only the Lord gives a new heart to a repentant sinner and creates a new person. 
A letter from Eugene C., a prisoner in Khabarovsk Territory.

RCR Recording Studio Ministry - powerful testimonies about coming to God through the horrors of civil war, missionary service among Muslims. Feedback from our programs.

An update from the "Pirkko Home - Liberation" Ministry, Artem Panin. Prayer praises and needs.
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