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Reporter No. 3 2017

September, 01 2017

The Recording Studio and Radio Ministry continue to be the hallmark of RCR ministry, taking its roots back to 1946. In addition to various programs and more than 700 sermons of Earl Poysti, we add new programs weekly.

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Prison Magazine is expanding its reach despite restrictions in Russia. This year 912 new people subscribed to it through the Russian Post catalog. Estimated 15,000-22,500 people are reached bi-monthly by this ministry alone. 

The 'Pirkko Home - Liberation' Ministry has its blessings and difficulties and continues to be one of the most effective tools to reach people with the Gospel (about 350 a year). The results - new believers, new Christian families (we know of more than 50!), and new ministers!

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Reporter No. 2 2017

June, 01 2017

25th Anniversary of RCR’s Moscow Offce
John Poysti’s memories: Our mission was to see how the newfound freedoms of glasnost could be used to expand the radio ministry begun by my father, Earl Poysti

A Prisoner Shares His Testimony - Thank you for your ministry. I myself am from Ulan-Ude, Buryatia region. We have many religions in Buryatia, and Satan misled me...
RCR’s Recording Studio in Moscow Starts Sending Out DVDs
For the first time, a collection of RCR’s video programs are available on DVD! On one disk there are five video programs of “Foundations of Faith”.

Introducing the Orel Pirkko Home - This year marks the 7th anniversary of the men’s Pirkko Home rehab center near Orel. 

Testimony of ANDREY SEMENOV: The Bible is a message to me from God Himself! 

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Reporter No. 1 2017

March, 01 2017

The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire Expanding the Magazine Ministry - “Blessings,” “The Narrow Gate,” “Liberation,” “Who is My Neighbor?” “Guilt,” “Family,” “Heroes of Faith,” “What’s Next After This Life?” “The Fear of the Lord” – these are just a few of the topics covered by The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazine for prisoners, which we have been publishing for 22 years.
Expanding the Magazine Ministry… - In the last few years, a new type of partner ministry has emerged – working with prison ministry centers that correspond with prisoners and also distribute The Gospel Behind Barbed Wire magazines in prisons.
RCR Radio Programs in Astrakhan - In our Reporter №3, 2016, we asked for prayers about spreading the Gospel in the city of Astrakhan.
New RCR Video Program - “Foundations of Faith” - Mikhail Ivanov, PhD (professor at Moscow Theological Seminary, and pastor of 2nd Moscow Church): “By working more than ten years in the Russian Baptist Union, I saw that our churches often lack knowledge about basic theological truths. 
Solnechnogorsk. - On January 15, 2017 we began to hold worship services in Solnechnogorsk Church. This location is important to our rehab ministry, as it will also become the new Pirkko Home administrative center and provide training for new leaders.
Introducing the Lgov Pirkko Home - We opened the Lgov Pirkko Home (rehab center) in Kursk region in 2008. 
Alexei Mordvinov: Priceless – A New Life, Joy & Peace in God! - I was born and raised in Moscow, in a simple Soviet family. When I was 13 my father died tragically. After that, my mother began to attend an Orthodox church and read the Bible.

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Reporter No. 4 2016

December, 01 2016

The New Russian Law - With the enactment of a new Russian Law concerning “missionary activity,” known as the “Yarovaya” Law, which took effect on July 20, 2016, it is necessary that not only lawyers and pastors know and understand the features of this legislation, but also ordinary believers...
    Getting the Prison Magazine into Prisons - Prison ministers (missionaries) are no longer allowed to hold worship services and Bible studies inside prisons. But we do not lose heart.
    Nikulino Pirkko Home Update - Remodeling of the house for the men is still underway. An early winter has slowed the work, but it is enclosed and insulated.
    RCR’s 70th Anniversary – Celebrating our Beginnings: Part 5 - “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9. Further enjoy RCR’s History with a special 2017 Calendar Honoring the Life and Ministry of Earl Poysti 
    The RCR studio continues to create audio and video programs, which we make available to people via radio stations, mail, and Internet.  
    Pavel Petukhov: “God Gave Me One Last Chance” - When the Lord opens closed doors, it really is a miracle of God! I used to have problems with the police, but now they have become my friends.

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